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I'm designing the life my heart desires.


But I never take a linear path to do it.

Things twist and turn. Some of the turns are blind. Just like everyone else, I fly through life at warp speed sometimes and crawl at a snail's pace at other times.

I've had lots of opportunities to do my work from the inside out.

When I was in my 20's, a firestorm in my personal life cleared a new path for me. So I adopted the mantra If it's not fun, I'm not gonna do it

But...cue yet another firestorm in my 30's. That decade taught me that Fear is not of God.

I still hold these two truths in my heart.

Regardless of the obstacles, my life always repays me along the way ... with reverence and in FULL. 

So I continue to weave the fabric of my journey with threads of change and more than a little magic ribbon.

I'm a certified coach who trained under Martha Beck, PhD, a brilliant personal development thought leader and a regular contributor to Oprah’s O Magazine.

Coach training changed my life.

I was about to mark another birthday milestone, and I knew there was more for me to do, to give.

What I found was that there was also more inside me to uncover. As I trained, I achieved more peace, gained more insight, experienced more wonder.

My relationships grew richer (or dropped away entirely). My heart grew lighter. I realized I have so much more to look forward to!

Now I have the coolest job in the world.

I can help you get clearer and feel lighter as you move forward in the life you design.

As for the non-linear professional path that brought me to this point:

I was a counselor for 17 years, working with countless middle school students and coaching almost as many parents.

Before that, for a combined 25 years, I was an English teacher, a sales professional, a business development director, and a management consultant. (And I had several part-time gigs along the way, some just for fun.)

I'm also a writer who loves interior design and playing with paints. I'm happily multi-passionate.

I believe we can flourish in midlife ... and beyond.

What about you? Let's connect!

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Marcia uses her coaching and counseling experience, more than a bit of wisdom, and a splash of humor to help others flourish in midlife and design the life their hearts desire.

She lives in Southern California with her husband, Larry. They built their forever home in idyllic wine country and are co-designing a life they love, with lots of room for friends and time for laughter. Hot air balloons overhead each morning make lightening up a requirement.

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