I'm so happy you'll be part of The Women's Circle!

You don't have much to do to prepare for our meetings. Just review each handout and log on at our appointed time with an open heart and a willingness to share your thoughts.

Having a pen and paper handy is a good idea, too...there will be a lot of wisdom you'll want to capture!

I'll send you information via email, including the Zoom link so you can log on.

Check your inbox on Thursday, August 15!

Everything you'll need to know will be in an email.

Please reach out to me between now and then with any questions at marcia@marciasmalley.com.

And mark your calendar for all 5 meetings:

August 21, 2019
September 4
September 18
October 2
October 16

1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern time

With love and gratitude,