You already have everything you need to design the life your heart desires.

Helping you realize that is my specialty. 

Why partner with a coach?

  • Change throws us for a loop at any age.

  • Some life transitions are just too intense to go through on your own.

  • Your patterns of behavior are not supporting your goals.

  • You don't want to turn to family and friends. (Sometimes they're part of the problem.)

  • Maybe you have some tantalizing optionsahead of you, but you lack a clear vision.

  • Or maybe your vision is so big it's overwhelming you.

How can I help? I will...

  • Provide you a safe space to get to the bottom of what's weighing you down.

  • Help you find your own answers. (I won't tell you what to do, because that's not coaching.)

  • Share valuable techniques for successfully managing change.

  • Guide you toward a new level of thought so you can shift your mindset and get clearer about what you really want.

  • Give you tools that work so you can use them whenever you choose.

"Do I really need a coach?"

If you're still on the fence, click here for a short assessment that helps you answer that question. 

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My coaching experience with Marcia was so much more than I expected. It was fun! I hadn’t anticipated “fun.” I very much appreciated and enjoyed her ability to cut through my defenses and excuses to zero in on my real, true feelings. I reflect back on our talks and her insights and continue to apply what I learned. It was a very enriching experience!
— Ann F., client


Prepare for Liftoff

If you've never worked with a coach or are just beginning your inner journey, this 3-month package:

  • Awakens your inner peace so you can welcome what you want and need in your Next Chapter,

  • Gives you clarity around what's truly weighing you down, which means more certainty about how to move forward,

  • Provides you "action traction" so you can break through to What's next?

  • Equips you with tools & techniques for designing the life your heart desires.

Includes eight (8) 60-minute coaching sessions, email support between sessions, and other resources.

Coaching sessions are held via phone. I can email you links to the recordings at your request.

Invest in yourself with Prepare For Liftoff for $960.


If you've partnered with me (or another coach) before, this is a coaching package tailored to meet your needs.

That way you will:

  • Continue your inner work with a partner who'll lovingly challenge you,

  • Step confidently into the choices you're considering,

  • Address obstacles that pop up (because they will),

  • Unleash your dreams on the world!

Includes an agreed-upon number of 60-minute coaching sessions and email support.

Coaching sessions are held via phone. I can email you links to the recordings at your request.

Your investment in Staying Aloft depends on the number of sessions in your unique package

What clients are saying:

I looked forward every week to talking with Marcia. She is an amazing listener and reflects on your comments and offhand remarks in a very meaningful way. Through discussions and insightful questions, she has made me look at my circumstances in a different way- no longer a victim but someone in control!
Marcia is trustworthy and confidential and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in a coaching relationship!
— Kerri T.
Marcia really helped me get over my fears about changing careers. She listened attentively, capturing my thoughts, then reflected them back to me for further self-examination. In doing so, she helped me move beyond my fears. I have since left corporate life and am actively pursuing an independent business which I expect to provide me with a better life balance.
I feel calm and am really living in the present moment. I am no longer caught up in the fears of the future. I can now center myself back into the present moment.
Marcia is warm in her coaching style and uses humor to lighten moments. She always has an encouraging word or a unique tool she teaches me to use, which I carry forward after our coaching sessions. She’s authentic and genuine.
Marcia’s coaching has been a real gift to me. I am grateful for her help and words of wisdom.
— Deb F.
Marcia’s coaching was instrumental in helping me identify longstanding issues and beliefs that had hindered my personal and professional growth. With her guidance and expertise, she helped me address these challenges and provided me with the insight and tools to begin making some significant changes that have already had a positive impact on my life. In addition, Marcia’s warmth, understanding, and sense of humor made it easy to connect with her—which was extremely important to me.
— Marie J.


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